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Brandenburg Concerto Nº5 - AffetuosoJ.S.BachExordium Baroque Ensemble557
Magnificat Octavi ToniJohann Erasmus KindermannChristine Gevert538
Ach mein Herre / straf mich doch nichtPraetorius, MichaelCantores Musicæ Antiquæ; J. Kite-Powell, dir530
Suite in E minor - I: OuvertureG.P. TelemannExordium Baroque Ensemble526
Chaconne "Two in one upon a ground"Purcell, HenryColumbia Baroque Soloists487
Many, Many Such DaysPurcell, HenryEchoing Air475
Musete de Choisi and Musete de TaverniFrancois CouperinJean Hein, treble recorder; Jerry Curry, harpsichord468
Corant in GPurcell, HenryThomas Gerber/Echoing Air417
Suite in E minor: V - GigueG.P. TelemannExordium Baroque Ensemble417
Sweetness of NaturePurcell, HenryEchoing Air404