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The NightingaleSumarte, RichardDr. Phillip W. Serna770
Harp Consort # 7Lawes, WilliamLes Voix humaines770
What if a DayAnonymousDr. Phillip W. Serna760
Lux aeterna - Communion Mode 8Gregorian chantHunter Hensley760
Sonata in C, K. 513 "Pastorale"Scarlatti, DomenicoAndrew Willis758
The Agincourt CarolAnonymousTelynor755
Tota pulchra - Secunda parsSenfl. Ludwig (c.1486-1542/3)Polyhymnia752
Canzona TerzaFrescobaldiCONCITATO751
Prelude from Quatrieme Suite in e-minorHotteterre, Jacques MartinLes Inegales - Rodrigo Tarraza-Traverso, Petr Wagner V.d.Gamba, Christine Gevert-Hpschd748
Rosette (live concert recording)Anon, to a poem by Philippe DesportesMusic's Quill747