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Tobacco, No.3 the First Part of Ayres or the Musicall Humours (1605)Captaine Tobias Hume (1569 – 1645)Dr. Phillip W. Serna1279
The Jolly Jolly BreezeEcclesMark Crayton, Countertenor; James Janssen, Harpsichord; Laura Handler, Cello1280
Sing joyfullyWilliam ByrdPolyhymnia1309
Salve rosa venustatisAnon, English, 13th centuryEya: Ensemble for Medieval Music1325
Fancy # 73Dowland, JohnJaroslaw Lipski1335
The Absolution from the Victoria Requiem: "Libera me" to the endTomás Luis da VictoriaCantores Musicæ Antiquæ, J. Kite-Powell, dir.1378
Tempesta di Mare - AllegroVivaldi, AntonioMusica Pacifica1408
Sweet NightingaleAnonAmy Elizabeth Wheeler & Jaroslaw Lipski1426
My Lord Willoughby's welcome homeAnon / Dowland, JohnAmy Elizabeth Wheeler & Jaroslaw Lipski1430
There is a lady, sweet and kind (live concert recording)Thomas FordMusic's Quill1439