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Captaine Hume's PavanHume, TobiasDr. Phillip W. Serna936
Allemande from Premiere Ste in D-majorHotteterre, Jacques MartinLes Inegales - Rodrigo Tarraza-Traverso, Petr Wagner V.d.Gamba, Christine Gevert-Hpschd936
Air and Divisions in d minorJenkins, JohnLes Voix humaines941
Sonata V for Unaccompanied Viola da Gamba from the Vienna ManuscriptJohannes Schenck (1660-1712)Dr. Phillip W. Serna944
DialogueCouperin, FrançoisSarah Holland958
Les Voix humainesMarais, Marin (arranged by Susie Napper)Les Voix humaines958
Trumpet Concerto in E flat: AllegroNeruda, Johnann BaptistJens Lindemann, E flat trumpet978
Rondeau from Suite in G minorMarais, MarinMusica Pacifica983
Hor che la vagaVittoria AleottiCappella Clausura995
As I lay lately in a dreamJones, RobertAmy Elizabeth Wheeler & Jaroslaw Lipski997