EMA Publishes Summer 2009 Issue of Early Music America magazine

28 May 2009 (SEATTLE, WA) Early Music America has published the Summer 2009 issue of its quarterly publication, Early Music America magazine.  Call 1-888-SACKBUT or email info@earlymusic.org now to request a complimentary copy.


Harry Christophers: New Ideas for Handel and Haydn
Boston Globe classical writer Keith Powers interviews English conductor Harry Christophers who takes over as artistic director of Boston’s Handel and Haydn Society in 2009-2010 as the ensemble approaches its 200th anniversary.

Excerpt: “We have so much great music to work with. We want to strip the cobwebs off these great pieces and bring them to life. I want them to sound new to people who know the repertory and sound interesting to people who are coming to see a Baroque orchestra for the first time.”

Mendelssohn and the Rise of Musical Antiquarianism
Colin Eatock explores Mendelssohn’s active interest in pre-19th century composers and his efforts to promote the music of Bach and others to his contemporaries.

Excerpt: “…Mendelssohn’s interest in pre-19th century music had an impact on his own compositions. The imprint of Bach’s contrapuntal style is also evident in Mendelssohn’s scores-especially in his choral cantatas, a few of which could readily be mistaken for Bach.”

Parthenia Ventures Into New Music for Viols
David Glaser reports on the New York City-based viol consort’s penchant for stretching itself by regularly adding modern works to its repertoire but experiencing the dilemma of integrating this music into its regular concerts.

Excerpt:  “The challenges of doing new music extend well beyond audience development. In some respects it is as if the players are learning an entirely different language. (Lisa) Terry observes, ‘One important aspect of working on new repertoire is the learning curve. We have to give ourselves a lot more time when preparing new works, because the new music is often a real stretch for us individually and as a group.”

Also in this issue:
Christoph Graupner: The Darmstadt Anniversary by Kim Patrick Clow
Profile: François Mario Labbé and Analekta by Craig Zeichner
Harpsichord Now! Elaine Funaro and Aliénor by Candace Magner

Plus Recording Reviews, Book Reviews, and Sound Bytes (news from the field).

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