Artist Visa Update from the Performing Arts Alliance

21 Oct 2009 As a member of the Performing Arts Visa Working Group, the Performing Arts Alliance monitors developments affecting visa processing of foreign guest artists.  United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently announced significant changes to their policies on appointed visa petitioners.

As of October 7th, USCIS revoked its policy allowing a U.S.-based employer to file a single petition on behalf of multiple arts organizations for artists coming to the U.S. for an itinerary of events, unless the petitioning employer is in business as an agent.  Thus, if an artist plans to travel to the U.S. for multiple engagements, unless one of the petitioning employers is in business as an agent and obtains permission to file as the primary petitioner on the other arts organizations' behalf, each U.S. employer must file a separate visa petition.

As noted above, this marks a significant shift in the visa petition process.  The Performing Arts Visa Working Group is working to reverse this policy change, and the PAA will keep our members apprised of any developments on this issue.  In the interim, we recommend visiting the Artists from Abroad website, where you can find the latest updates on this issue and detailed assistance in navigating this new visa petition process.