EMA Publishes Winter 2009 Issue of Early Music America magazine

15 Nov 2009 (SEATTLE, WA) Early Music America has published the Winter 2009 issue of its quarterly publication, Early Music America magazine.  Call 1-888-SACKBUT or email info@earlymusic.org now to request a complimentary copy.


Bel Canto at Caramoor

Judith Malafronte reports on the training of young opera singers in bel canto technique at the annual Caramoor International Music Festival held every summer in Westchester County, New York.

Excerpt: “An apprentice program, as well as a Young Artist program for emerging professionals, brings young singers into contact with Caramoor’s cast of international artists, for whom they serve as understudies; the program also provides training in stagecraft, Italian diction, and, most importantly, specialized study of the style and ornamentation required by the bel canto repertoire.”

Belated Thoughts on Bach’s Chorus
Robert Marshall addresses approaches to performing the choral music of Bach in the aftermath of disputes among the “minimalists” and “traditionalists.”

Excerpt:  “The dispute over the size of Bach’s chorus has not been confined to scholarly debates and publications…Positions between the two camps eventually hardened, and the controversy has led to a bitter schism in the ranks of the early music community that has occasionally attracted the attention of the general media and the music loving public.”

Playing on Originals: The Material Presence of the Past

Ronald Broude surveys some of America’s leading curators and collectors to discuss the choices that must be made between preserving and protecting original instruments or allowing them to be played.

Excerpt: “Early instruments are, of course, musical instruments and it is by producing music that they fulfill the purpose for which they were made. But early instruments are also repositories of historical information, evidence of the ways in which musical instruments were made and played hundreds of years ago, and as such they are important to historians of both the instrument themselves and the music that was played on them.”

Also in this issue:
Early Music America Medieval/Renaissance Competition: A review of EMA’s third Med/Ren competition held in October in New York City and won by the Seattle-based quartet Plaine & Easie
Profile: “Russell Oberlin: Voice from the Past”
The Music of the Sephardim by Judith Cohen & Joel Bresler

Plus Recording Reviews, Book Reviews, and Sound Bytes (news from the field).

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