EMA Publishes Spring 2011 issue of Early Music America magazine

2 Mar 2011

[Seattle, Washington]. Early Music America has published the Spring 2011 issue of its quarterly publication, Early Music America magazine.


How Early Music Helped to Save Western Civilization
As part of a wide-ranging article assessing what’s right with today’s classical music field, Heather Mac Donald stresses the contribution of the early music movement.

Excerpt: “The ‘early music’ movement (also known as “period instrument” and “authentic performance”) was a deliberate strike against the classical music establishment. To be sure, by the mid-20th century, nearly all performers respected the letter of the score and dedicated themselves to realizing its spirit as well. But to the early music advocates, the establishment musicians seriously misunderstood that spirit, at least regarding the pre-Classical repertoire.”

A Paean to the Italian Harpsichord
Robert Brooke, a harpsichord builder himself, takes a look at why the Italian harpsichord is perfect for what it was designed to do.

Excerpt: “The harpsichord is not equal to the task of filling large concert halls or large church buildings as effectively as a piano, organ, or any of the modern versions of orchestral instruments. Nevertheless, the Italian harpsichord makes the best compromise as a continuo instrument in providing audibly the rhythmic support for the orchestra and the fleshing out of the harmonies sometimes only implicit in the music. Vivat!”

The Hows and Whys of Adam de la Halle’s “Robin & Marion”
Lucy Cross considers how to make this Medieval musical comedy come alive on stage.

Excerpt: “There are plenty of reasons to mount a production of Adam de la Halle’s ‘Le Jeu de Robin et de Marion’ – it’s the earliest known secular stage play with music, often touted as the first ‘musical comedy’…Perhaps you have a great band of early music specialists and singers who love to act and improvise, or a collegium full of eager and talented students. Perhaps you’ve seen a production…and think you can give it a new twist. But that’s the challenge: How are you going to stage it?”

Also in this issue:
2011 Guide: Workshops and Festivals
EMA’s Young Performers Festival Premiers at Boston Early Music Festival June 13-18, 2011

Profile: Ars Lyrica Houston by Craig Zeichner
In Conclusion: An Early Music Time Capsule by Anthony Martin
Plus Recording Reviews, Book Reviews, and Sound Bytes (news from the field).

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