Hardy, Elizabeth

Personal Summary / Bio

Elizabeth Hardy holds a Master's degree in Early Bassoons from the Indiana University Early Music Institute and a Bachelor's degree from the Oberlin Conservatory. Ms Hardy is a regular member of Boston-area ensembles Helios Early Opera, the 7 Hills Renaissance Wind Band, and the Weckmann Project, and is a founding member of Grand Harmonie. Orchestral engagements have included the Handel & Haydn Society, l'Academie, Newton Baroque, and the New York State Baroque Orchestra, as well as Canadian ensembles Classical Music Consort and Ensemble Caprice. She has performed on Renaissance woodwinds and Baroque & Classical bassoons at the Boston Fringe, Bloomington, and Indianapolis Early Music Festivals. In 2007, Ms Hardy was selected for the International Young Artists Presentation in Antwerp, Belgium as a member of the classical-era ensemble New Harmonie Winds.



Professional Performer or Semi-Pro Performer, Early Music Administrator (agent, presenter, director)

My Music

TitleComposerPerformer/EnsembleUpload DateLengthPlayDownload
Wind Quintet in Eb, Op.88 no.2, IV. Finale: AllegrettoReicha, AntonGrand HarmonieApr 15 20145:43
Wind Quintet in Eb, Op.88 no.2, II. Menuetto: AllegroReicha, AntonGrand HarmonieApr 15 20144:45