In Mulieribus


Instruments Played
Soprano(voice), Alto/Mezzo-soprano, Conductor

Current Performance Ensembles
In Mulieribus

Personal Summary / Bio

In Mulieribus (the Latin phrase meaning "amongst women") is a female vocal ensemble dedicated to the promotion and enrichment of community through the art of music, with a focus on works written primarily before 1750. Nationally syndicated classical radio show Performance Today describes IM:"...a really special sound and blend..." It accomplishes this mission through live, historically informed, professional performances; through sound recording projects; and through relationships and donations made to local not-for-profit organizations that support women in need.

"Stark, enchanting beauty... the singing is rhythmically vital, often exuberant, and the sound pure and graceful." - David Stabler, the Oregonian.



Professional Performer or Semi-Pro Performer

My Music

TitleComposerPerformer/EnsembleUpload DateLengthPlayDownload
Generosa Iesse plantulaAnonymous, 14th c.In MulieribusFeb 16 20083:29
Ave beatissima/Ave Maria/Ave maris stellaAnonymous, 13th c.In MulieribusFeb 16 20080:53
Nicholai presulisAnonymous, 13th c.In MulieribusFeb 16 20082:21
O Regem coeliTómas Luis de VictoriaIn MulieribusFeb 16 20085:37
O Maria virgineAnonymous 12th century conductusIn MulieribusJan 12 20085:18

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