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Gregorian chant

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Hunter Hensley has recorded over 100 Gregorian chant melodies on 'A Gregorian Archive' a study edition of the whole repertory of Gregorian melodies for the Mass Propers, by Richard Crocker, Emeritus Press, Berkeley, CA.  All recorded chant items may be viewed at www.chantdiscography.com. Companion recordings for Judith Peraino's, Giving Voice to Love: Song and Self Expression from the Troubadours to Guillaume de Machaut.  New York: Oxford University Press, October, 2011.

Companion recordings for Song of Roland, edited by Michael Newth,(Sydney, Australia) for New York: Italica Press, 2011.

Hensley has also recorded, 'Requiem for the Mountains', a video presentation with chant of the Requiem mass, chanted in recognition of the death and devastation of the kentucky mountains and streams caused by mountain top coal removal mining.<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8gJrTe2O18>



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My Music

TitleComposerPerformer/EnsembleUpload DateLengthPlayDownload
Puer natusGregorian chantHunter Hensley in The Great Saltpetre CaveApr 3 20122:27
Lux aeterna - Communion Mode 8Gregorian chantHunter HensleyJun 27 20090:47
In paradisum - Antiphon Mode 7Gregorian chantHunter HensleyJun 27 20091:19
I am come into my gardenCrocker, RichardHunter HensleyJun 27 20091:21
Super flumina Babylonis - Offertory Mode 1Gregorian chantHunter HensleyJun 11 20091:31

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