Selection of early music from EMA Members

ChaconnePierre Gaultier de MarseilleLes Délices2:52
Prelude ~ Aria ~ AriaMateis, Nicola Ostraka3:48
[Allegro]--liveAbel, Carl FriedrichRebekah Ahrendt4:04
Les Voix humainesMarais, Marin (arranged by Susie Napper)Les Voix humaines4:08
Das ist meine Freude - excerptJohann Ludwig BachCrescendo Chorus directed by Christine Gevert1:01
In dulci jubiloMichael PraetoriusThe Folger Consort6:59
When I a lover pale do seePurcell, HenryGerrod Pagenkopf, countertenor - Ars Lyrica Houston1:17
ChaconnePurcell, HenryAnne Timberlake and Jeffrey Collier/Echoing Air2:56
Hornpipe - Jigg- HornpipeHenry PurcellChicago Early Music Consort2:43
EMA Radio Spot "Renaissance Wind Band"noneMaria Coldwell0:59