Selection of early music from EMA Members

Captain O' KaneO'Carolan, Turlough Chris Acquavella2:31
EMA Radio Spot "Renaissance Wind Band"noneMaria Coldwell0:59
Tobacco, No.3 the First Part of Ayres or the Musicall Humours (1605)Captaine Tobias Hume (1569 – 1645)Dr. Phillip W. Serna1:41
Tombeau de Mr. de Chambonnieresd'Anglebert, Jean HenriAkiko Enoki Sato5:32
PartheniaPlayford, JohnDr. Phillip W. Serna0:42
If ye love meThomas TallisPolyhymnia2:03
Puer natusGregorian chantHunter Hensley in The Great Saltpetre Cave2:27
In paradisum - Antiphon Mode 7Gregorian chantHunter Hensley1:19
Burlesque de Quixotte OuvertureGeorg Philipp TelemannFolger Consort3:13
ChaconnePurcell, HenryAnne Timberlake and Jeffrey Collier/Echoing Air2:56