English Country Dance with Seven Times Salt

Mar 14 2014 - 7:30pm


Harvard Epworth Church
1555 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA, 02138
United States
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Performers and/or Faculty: 
Karen Burciaga - fiddle Daniel Meyers - recorder & flute Josh Schreiber Shalem - bass viol Matthew Wright - lute with caller Miriam Newman

Come dance with us! English Country Dance is social, community dancing. Dancers take a different partner for each dance of the evening, and join a "set" of couples. Each couple dances a series of figures with another couple, then repeats the same with each couple in the set. It's very easy footwork - if you can walk, you can dance! Dance tunes include those popular from 1650 to the present. Some are elegant, some rowdy, some romantic, some playful. Often the first thing that attracts people to English Country Dance is the splendid live music (this week provided by your favorite English consort). All are welcome! Wear loose, comfortable clothes, and sturdy, flat shoes that won't skid or stick on a wood floor.
Presented By: 
Country Dance Society - Boston Centre
$7 general, $6 members, $4 students
Discount to EMA Members: