• Type of music played: Medieval, Renaissance
  • Type of Ensemble: Choral/vocal ensemble
  • Number of players in group: 2
  • Fee range of programs: less than $3,000
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Name of performers in the ensemble and the instruments they play: 
Sylvia Rhyne, soprano; Eric Redlinger, tenor and lute
Paragraph about the ensemble: 
Asteria burst on the classical music scene in 2004, winning the EMA Unicorn Prize, the highest honor in North America’s premier competition for Medieval and Renaissance music, with a presentation of 15th century chansons heralded by the New York Times as “intimate and deeply communicative” and “meltingly beautiful”. The duo brings a unique alchemy to their moving performances. Sylvia’s career in Broadway musicals, most notably as Christine in “the Phantom of the Opera,” combines with Eric’s love of both early polyphonic as well as 20th century electronic music and study at the Schola Cantorum in Basel, Switzerland. Together they search out the musical and emotional center of late medieval song.   Their albums and concerts have been lauded internationally at esteemed venues such as the Boston Early Music Festival, the Berkeley Early Music Festival, the Cloisters, Simon Bolivar Amphitheatre in Mexico City, and the Regensburg Tage Alter Musik.
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Wendy Redlinger
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2596 Tater Lane
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United States
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Educational/Outreach add-ons available: 
TROUBADOURS, KNIGHTS AND LADIES IN THE KING'S CASTLE Sylvia and Eric will demonstrate their instruments, sing songs and talk about what it was like in the medieval culture of knights, Ladies, troubadours and kings. PERFORMANCE PRACTICE IN MEDIEVAL CHANSONS Eric offers a discussion on performance practice for medieval music, taking a look at original manuscripts and how one transcribes what we find there for an ensemble today.  Using images from original manuscripts, paintings and chateaux in France, Asteria takes a look at how one searches through cultural clues and lyrics to create a presentation of ancient music that resonates with audiences of today, including charming demonstrations from their own repertoire. FINDING THE EMOTIONAL JOURNEY IN A SONG Sylvia offers a masterclass in performance technique, working with singers of all ages and genres on how to connect to the emotional journey in texted music, and to bring it to life for the audience.  How do you find the emotional arc of a song?  How do you connect to the material for yourself in a way that is both truthful and authentic to the music?  How do you draw an audience into the world of the song you are singing?    Sylvia has been teaching these arts privately and in music camps, high schools and universities for over a decade.  She works gently with each student to bring out the best that they have to offer , and shares powerful insights gained from a career in Opera, early music and Broadway, delivered in a respectful and thought-provoking style.
Titles of touring programs for 2012-13: 
Un Tres Doulx Regard (Burgundian songs ca. 1390-1440); For the Love of Jacqueliine (music of Antoine Busnoys in the court of Charles the Bold of Burgundy)
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