Boston Camerata

  • Type of music played: Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque
  • Type of Ensemble: Choral/vocal ensemble, Chamber ensemble
  • Number of players in group: 7-10
  • Fee range of programs: $5,000-$6,999, $7,000-$9,999, $10,000-$14,999, $15,000 or more
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Name of performers in the ensemble and the instruments they play: 
Anne Azéma, voice and Artistic Director. Each program presents performers chosen from a very regular roster. For more information on the coming seasons and musicians, please consult: A sample program: Le Roman de Fauvel would present: Anne Azéma, voice; Michael Collver, voice and cornet; Shira Kammen, vielle and harp; Michael Barrett, tenor; Steve Lundahl, winds; Joel Cohen, narrator and lute. Another sample program, The Machaut Mass, would present: Timothy Leigh Evans, Eric Mentzel, Michael Barrett, Daniel Hershey (tenors) Joel Frederiksen (bass, Joel Nesvadba (baritone).
Paragraph about the ensemble: 
The Boston Camerata is America's preeminent early music ensemble. Founded in 1954, Camerata has been under the direction of French-born singer and scholar Anne Azéma since autumn, 2008. Camerata's musical performances are well known for their blending of spontaneity and emotional commitment with careful research and scholarship. With its distinguished roster of singers and specialists in early instruments, Camerata produces an in-town concert series for audiences in the Greater Boston area and tours regularly in the US and all over the world.
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General Manager, Annie Vaymer
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The Boston Camerata
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PO Box 0751
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United States
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617-423 -2092
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Educational/Outreach add-ons available: 
Each of the programs present different opportunities: - Le Roman de Fauvel: projection of the miniatures of the manuscript during the show; lectures about the making of Le Roman; masterclasses in voice, early languages, instruments. - Lovely Vine: school project presenting the context of early American music; the participation of a local choir in our concert, with masterclasses ahead of time. Educational projects proposed vary, given the programs chosen: pre-concert lectures, school projects, masterclasses, residencies, colloquium, adult education and others are available. Please be in touch with us.
Titles of touring programs for 2012-13: 
* The Play of Daniel: Under Anne Azéma's direction, Camerata revisits this, perhaps the greatest of all medieval mystery plays, with an eye towards renewing its timeless message for modern audiences. Soloists, choirs, and instruments participate in this new production, transcribed from the original manuscript of the Beauvais Cathedral. US 2015-2016 (premiere, Boston Fall 2014) * Puer Natus - A Medieval Christmas: Camerata's most beloved program of all time! Available with a stellar cast of three vocalist and 2 instruments. France 2014, US 2015 * Lovely Vine: Jeremiah Ingals and American Folk Hymn, a treasure of melody and rugged Harmony, with Brittish roots and a Yankee accent. US 2015 * Carmina Burana: drawing on the original 13th-century manuscript, The Boston Camerata’s Carmina Burana presents a panoramic portrait of student and clerical life in medieval Europe. France and US, 2015 * Borrowed Light: co-produced with the Finnish Tero Saarinen dance company, a ballet based on Shaker songs, is currently Camerata's most widely toured presentation, with over forty performances in 9 countries since its French première in 2004. Asia, 2015 * Le Roman de Fauvel: A medieval acerbic and witty fable in poetry and music adapted from the 14th c. manuscript fr. 146 of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris; laden with implications for our own here and now... * The Sacred Bridge: Exchanges and interactions in music among the exiled Jews of Medieval Europe, Christian and Muslims, prior to 1492. Assisted by Sharq Arabic Music Ensemble (Karim Nagi, director). US Spring 2015 * Alexander the Great: Hero, Warrior and Lover. With ensemble Dünya (Mehmet Sanlikol, director. Alexander's deed, both real and legendary, inspired bardic songs, both East and West * Please be in touch with us for more information about these or other programs available for touring. Fees vary from $5,000 to over $19,000.
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Ensemble's touring schedule for the past three years: 
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