Ensemble Lucidarium

  • Type of music played: Medieval, Renaissance
  • Type of Ensemble: Chamber ensemble
  • Number of players in group: 7-10
  • Fee range of programs: ask for a quote
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Name of performers in the ensemble and the instruments they play: 
Avery Gosfield: recorder, pipe and tabor, double flute, artistic direction; Francis Biggi: lute, cetra, colascione, viola da mano, artistic direction; Gloria Moretti: voice; Marco Ferrari: recorder, dulcian, shawm, bagpipe, double flute; Massimiliano Dragoni: percussion, hammer dulcimer. Regular guest artists: Enrico Fink: voice, narration; Barbara Ceron Olvera, Veracruz harp and voice; Marie-Pierre Duceau, Lionel Desmeules, Mauro Borgioni: voice; Elisabetta Benfenati: Renaissance guitar; Bettina Hoffman: vielle; Martine Zbylut Marincola: commediante 
Paragraph about the ensemble: 
Lucidarium is a medieval and Renaissance ensemble, specialized in bringing little-known repertoires back to life for 21st century audiences. Much of the group’s research is devoted to the comparison of historical sources with traditional music and poetry, in a continuing study of the relationship between oral and written transmission. Each project is the fruit of a long period of research and preparation, resulting in a different sonority for each program: a vivacious combination of voices and instruments with the freedom in execution which comes from a solid knowledge of musical style and historical background. From its founding, this combination of meticulous preparation, joyful improvisation and energetic music-making has brought both popular and critical acclaim to the ensemble. Their program, “La Istoria de Purim: Music and poetry of the Jews of Renaissance Italy,” winner of the EAJC award for musical creation, has had more than 75 performances from Berkeley to Budapest.
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Avery Gosfield
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552 Bethlehem Pike
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Fort Washington
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United States
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Educational/Outreach add-ons available: 
All programs are available in educational/outreach versions, built around specific age groups and interests. Some examples: The Renaissance Roots of Comedy; (for children 8-16 years old) Includes hands-on contact with masks and props, Renaissance dancing lessons, slide show. Jewish Music through the Ages (for children 6-16 years old) Includes Renaissance dancing lesson, participation in a 16th century Purim play. Jewish Life in Italy (for adults) a lecture/demonstration with visual and musical examples discussing the unique musical and cultural heritage of Italy's Jews
Titles of touring programs for 2012-13: 
NEW PROGRAMS: Con l'Arte e con l'Inganno: The Musical Roots of the Commedia dell'Arte; Hombres di Maiz: echoes of the Italian Renaissance in the Mexican Popular Tradition; Kehi Kinnor: a Jewish Wedding in the Renaissance; ARS ITALICA Macchine: Science and Music from the Age of Leonardo da Vinci; Ninfale: Ovid, poetry and music at the dawn of the Renaissance; Una Musa Plebea: Minor Repertoires from the Italian Renaissance; Il Moro di Granata: Anima mediterranea in the Music of the Italian Renaissance; ARS HEBRAICA Ayn neue Lid: When Yiddish was Young; La Istoria de Purim: Music and Poetry of the Italian Jews in the Renaissance; Hotel and travel costs negotiable, total fees depend on number of musicians and tour schedule
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