Sonnambula Viol Consort

  • Type of music played: Renaissance, Baroque
  • Type of Ensemble: Chamber ensemble
  • Number of players in group: 7-10
  • Fee range of programs: $3,000-$4,999
State/Province where ensemble is based: 
New York, NY
Name of performers in the ensemble and the instruments they play: 
John Mark Rozendaal, treble and bass viol; Douglas Kelley, treble and bass viol; Elizabeth Weinfield, tenor and bass viol; Amy Domingues, tenor and bass viol; Zoe Weiss, tenor and bass viol; Kivie Cahn-Lipman, bass viol; Dylan Sauerwald, harpsichord/organ/virginal
Paragraph about the ensemble: 
Praised for its “warm, full sound” (The New Yorker’s Alex Ross) and hailed as a “new ensemble to watch for” (New York’s Gotham Early Music Scene), Sonnambula Viol Consort was featured at the Amherst Early Music Festival in July 2013. The ensemble has performed at Alice Tully Hall, on historic instruments at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, at Columbia University, and at numerous other venues throughout the Northeast. Founded in 2011 by Elizabeth Weinfield, the group was selected by Early Music America for inclusion on the EMA Touring Ensembles roster, and continues its mission of bringing to light unknown music for large consorts and commissioning new work for viols. The name Sonnambula is a reference to the Fantasia, a contrapuntal form favored by Renaissance composers, and a pun on the fantastical, or dream-like, state this music elicits.
Booking Contact Information
Booking Contact Person: 
Elizabeth Weinfield
Booking Contact Address: 
235 W. 102 St., Apt. 6V
Booking Contact City: 
New York
Booking Contact State/Province: 
New York
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Booking Contact Country: 
United States
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Educational/Outreach add-ons available: 
+"Introduction to the Viola da Gamba" Performed at Barnard College: July 2011, July 2012 Will be performed at The Metropolitan Museum of Art: December 2012
Titles of touring programs for 2012-13: 
+Highest and Curious Musicke: Music from Elizabethan England +German Renaissance Tenorlieder [featuring Marc Molomot, tenor] +ARMADA 1588: Music from the Spanish and English Renaissance [featuring Jacqueline Horner-Kwiatek, mezzo & James Kennerley, tenor] +Byrd's 'In Winter Cold': Winter Songs from Renaissance England [freaturing Jacqueline Horner-Kwiatek, mezzo] +Splendors of the Spanish Renaissance: Music from Philip II's Court [featuring James Kennerley, tenor]
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Ensemble's touring schedule for the past three years: 
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