Sonnambula Viol Consort

  • Type of music played: Renaissance, Baroque
  • Type of Ensemble: Chamber ensemble
  • Number of players in group: 7-10
  • Fee range of programs: ask for a quote
State/Province where ensemble is based: 
New York, NY
Name of performers in the ensemble and the instruments they play: 
Elizabeth Weinfield, viol/artistic director Amy Domingues, viol Shirley Hunt, viol Dylan Sauerwald, harpsichord/organ Frequent collaborators: Jude Ziliak, violin Christopher Morrongiello, lutes Kevin Payne, lutes Rachel Begley, recorders James Kennerley, tenor
Paragraph about the ensemble: 
Praised for its “warm, full sound” (The New Yorker’s Alex Ross) and hailed as a “new ensemble to watch for” (New York’s Gotham Early Music Scene), Sonnambula Viol Consort was featured at the Amherst Early Music Festival in July 2013. Currently in residence at The Hispanic Society of America in New York, Sonnambula has performed at Alice Tully Hall, on historic instruments at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, at Columbia University, and at numerous other venues throughout the Northeast. Founded in 2011, the group was selected by Early Music America for inclusion on the EMA Touring Ensembles roster, and continues its mission of bringing to light unknown music for large and mixed consorts and commissioning new work for viols. The name Sonnambula is a reference to the Fantasia, a contrapuntal free-composed form favored by Renaissance composers, and a pun on the Humanist notion that art gives life to metaphor.
Booking Contact Information
Booking Contact Person: 
Elizabeth Weinfield
Booking Contact Address: 
220 Cabrini Blvd., #1G
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New York
Booking Contact State/Province: 
New York
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United States
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Educational/Outreach add-ons available: 
Gallery Demonstrations Sonnambula has worked closely with curators at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Hispanic Society of America to design historically relevant concert programs that correspond with permanent collections, traveling exhibitions, and artist anniversaries. We are happy to custom tailor a concert for your museum, or work with you to curate a program for either a public concert or a private exhibition-related event. Please contact us for details and references. Composer Workshops Working with composers is a favorite part of Sonnambula's musical process and we are very happy to share our experience of commissioning, workshopping, and musical troubleshooting-with both professional and student composers, and in front of an audience of their peers. In the workshop, Sonnambula will perform pieces that have been submitted ahead of time, and then give the composer feedback on a variety of topics (notational, musical, and otherwise), in order to help create the best work for viol consort possible. Writing for viols can be unfamiliar and potentially intimidating, so Sonnambula will confer closely with the composer to make sure everything works the way he/she wants. Viol Consort Masterclass The members of Sonnambula are an unusual breed in the music world: expert instrumentalists with years of chamber music experience, they also hold terminal degrees in the performance practice of Renaissance and Baroque music, and in historical musicology. In this masterclass, student musicians will perform for the members of Sonnambula and an audience, then receive feedback and detailed coaching on their performance. The members of Sonnambula will give the performer(s) advice on all aspects of performing early music – presentation, phrasing, technique, ensemble playing, etc. This process is rewarding and entertaining for both the performing student and the audience, and it often leads to larger discussions of topics that benefit every musician in the room.
Titles of touring programs for 2012-13: 
+Highest and Curious Musicke: Music from Elizabethan England +ARMADA 1588: Music from the Spanish and English Renaissance +Splendors of the Spanish Renaissance: Music from Philip II's Court +Le Jardin des Délices: Courtly song in the time of Josquin
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